Pessimistic Optimist

-I'm CJ
-I love: (view blog) and writing
-I'm a total geek
-Hopeless when it comes to love
-Tea makes me happy
-Do people actually read these
-I'm 150lb+ of pure awkward nerdy charm
-My mind is comprised of song, tv, and movie quotes
-I Love You

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Dress ~ Modcloth (24)
Belt ~ Torrid (2)
Shoes ~ Modcloth (11)
Purse ~ Ebay
Brooch ~ kreepshowkouture via Etsy

Sooooo in love with this dress!

If you’ve never shopped at Modcloth and you’re considering making a purchase, you can use my referral code to get $15 off (you save $15, I get $15 in store credit) a $50 purchase: referral here.
If you’re spending $100 or more, use APP20 for $20 off!

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good vibes here!

I think there is a ship that Nick is missing…


Steve Carell looking way too attractive in Seeking a friend for the end of the world

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Good Vibes HERE


Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss the tax loophole known as corporate inversion.

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